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7 Rue des Récollets

75010 Paris

+33(0)6 15 56 09 31


Represented by SWAN MGMT

Sébastien Bellenfant

+33(0)6 20 46 23 90


Mathilde Nivet is an art director, set designer and paper artist based in Paris. 

After graduating from Paris’s Ecole Duperré with a degree in textile design, Mathilde Nivet began working and creating with paper, her style, skill and unique use of the medium rewarding her with early success. Mathilde has worked with paper since. Her exquisite designs appearing in high profile editorials and campaigns as well as the window displays of luxury fashion houses such as Hermès, Bulgari and CHANEL. Ranging from delicate floral arrangements, explosive abstracts and miniature Parisian streets, her varied paper designs demonstrate the creative possibilities of the medium, expressing a unique and detailed aesthetic that transforms their settings.

Selection of clients:

Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hennessy, Bulgari, Mellerio, Louboutin, Jacquemus, Guerlain, Lancôme, Uniqlo, Chaumet, Lacoste, Chopard, Céline, by Far, Swatch, Fred, Van Cleef & Arpels, Rochas, Le Bon Marché

Collaboration with photographers such as:

Valentin Abad, Isabelle Bonjean, Benjamin Bouchet, Christophe Bouquet, Alain Costa, Convergences Studio, Cathleen Naundorf, Élodie Farge, Olivia Fremineau, René Habermacher, Benjamin Hénon, Florian Joye, Philippe Lacombe, Charles Negre, Paul & Henriette

Collaboration with magazines: 

Vogue, Vanity Fair, Marie-Claire, Air France Magazine, Be Magazine, (M)ixte, Le Monde, Air France Madame


If you want to discover more projects, you can find all my archives on Behance and Pinterest. 
You can also follow me on Instagram for fresh news and making off. 

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